Roboguard Kits:

Alarm Mate provides a full turn key solution from site assessments, personal installations, services, and repairs of existing systems. Roboguard kits can be used as a stand alone or integrated 24h early warning system. Each beam reports to the mobile HQ independently where you are then notified which beam has been triggered, giving you the early warning of an intruder. In the armed condition via the deluxe kit the beam will trigger a siren as well as any additional outputs ie armed response, sms alert, lights etc. that may be required. The power supply also provides 48-72 hours of back up battery so you are never left unprotected.

Detecting intruders before they have the opportunity to get near your property or loved ones is a must and changes the element of surprise. The dual beam technology and packages on offer are the most cost effective and the best solution to combat the unfortunate security crisis we find ourselves in. 

Deluxe Kits
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Basic Kits
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