Alarm Mate is an accredited supplier and installer of Roboguard wireless outdoor security beams. Roboguard is an Early Warning Detection System that forms blanket coverage of an area that needs protecting. It’s state of the art security technology allows for early detection and warning of intruders. Roboguard is a dual pet friendly wireless outdoor beam that is regarded as one of the most advanced beams in the market, and is designed specifically for South African conditions. This system eliminates the element of surprise, thus deterring intruders and putting you back in control. Roboguard sensors are weatherproof, tamper proof and robust. It is impervious to lightning and ultra-violet light damage.The dual pet friendly beam sensor can be adjusted to cater for animals, foliage and extreme weather conditions to eliminate false alarms. Roboguard is the most effective security beam on the market and covers an area 2 – 3 times more than the conventional beam.

Roboguard Wireless Outdoor Beam

  • The sensor will detect movement up to 20 metres away at an arc of 110 degrees, with a blanket coverage of 11 beams on the top and bottom eye. 400 square meters of coverage with 1 beam, 2-3 times more effective than conventional linear beams
  • The Roboguard is a dual beam sensor that can be adjusted to cater for animals, foliage and extreme weather conditions, thus eliminating false alarms.
  • The Roboguard sensor can be positioned up to 400 metres from the HQ receiving station. A repeater station can be used to extend the transmission distance by a further 400 metres.
  • The Roboguard is weatherproof, tamper proof, robust and impervious to lightning and ultra violet damage.
  • The Roboguard is totally wireless as it’s powered by 8 x long life kinetic batteries which last a minimum of three to five years.

Mobile HQ

  • The HQ can monitor up to eight Roboguards with individual intruder detection, tamper detection, and visual status LED indications and audible warning sounds.
  • The HQ has a dedicated siren output with four other output ports that can be used to send signals to alarm panels, armed response control room radios, cellphone SMS alerts, and trigger external floodlights through the Roboguard powerpack.
  • The HQ also incorporates remote arming, audible panic, silent panic and auxillary via a dedicated four button Roboguard remote.
  • A built in NICAD 6 volt backup battery ensures the system is always live in cases of power failures.
  • Other features of the HQ include a portable charging cable, telecable to allow output ports to be linked to external devices, and an Allen key to disassemble.
  • A Roboguard remote can be used to arm/disarm the siren and zone outputs.
  • The HQ can be used as a fixed unit and/or a portable carry around unit, thus making it a comprehensive and flexible security system.

Superplex 32 Zone LCD HQ

  • Monitors up to 32 Roboguard sensors.
  • 128 x 64 Pixel Graphics Display.
  • Individual Zone and Remote naming.
  • Built in real time clock and clock alarm.
  • Real time events log history.
  • Vibration, buzzer and LCD display alert function.
  • Two separate zone partitioning ie stay and away.
  • Bypass of individual zone.
  • Can be linked wirelessly to a remote Power Pack with siren output and alarm output to armed response radio.
  • Totally portable unit, thus making it a very functionable security solution.

Basic Kits – Click Here For Pricing

  • Roboguard/s
  • Mobile HQ
  • 12V Power Supply
  • Pro-Bracket/s
  • 8 x Batteries

Deluxe Kits – Click Here For Pricing

  • Roboguard/s
  • Mobile HQ
  • Pro-Bracket/s
  • 8 x Batteries
  • 2 x 4 Button remotes (Arm/Disarm/Panic)
  • Power Supply (incl relays, siren, alarm output, etc)
  • Battery back-up
  • 15 Watt siren


SMS Alert

  • Used as a basic alarm module.
  •  6 to 8 zones (AC-Opto isolated).
  •  3 outputs.
  •  4th relay output optional.
  •  Walk through test function.
  • Siren output, 1 minute timeout.
  • Reports to 4 users/cellphones.
  • Overall status request at any time.
  • Silent listen-in.
  • Pepper gas pulse function.
  • Airtime can be loaded and checked on system.
  • Voice Alert (Audio) optional available e.g. “Zone 1 activated”

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